Michelle & Kyle~ Sneak peek!

We got up super early this morning to beat the snow and catch some beautiful morning sunshine! Here are just a few from today’s session…. I think this will be my last one of the season without any snow in it!



  1. Jane Fugett says:

    My vote is for Kyle and Michelle. What a great story!

  2. Cathy Wiblemo says:

    I vote for Kyle and Michelle.

  3. I vote for Michelle & Kyle! Good luck and
    Congratulations on your up coming wedding!

  4. milliel@iw.net says:

    I vote for Kyle & Michelle. I’m a sucker for a good love story. Grandma Millie

  5. Amber Langdon says:

    Soo adorable ! Michelle and Kyle deserve this ! I vote for them over and over again !

  6. How absolutely magnificent! I vote for Kyle and Michelle! I LOVE a love story, and this one is truly touching!

  7. Judy Lange says:

    I vote for Kyle and Michelle

  8. Terence Swisher says:

    Kyle and Michelle you get my vote!

  9. Maureen R says:

    Kyle and Michelle–
    You two look great–your photographer did a really great job of capturing your personalities. I hope you win.

  10. Gregg Wyatt says:

    Kyle and Michelle–
    It seems like yesterday we were climbing the Rock and having a great time–do you remember?

    Now, in a few months you will be man and wife–how
    wonderful is that?

    Hope you win this contest

  11. Eugene Taylor says:

    I vote for Kyle and Michelle. I know you don’t know me–
    my wife said it was important to vote for you–and like a good neighbor–I did!

    To a Happy Life together–cheers!

  12. NellieTaylor says:

    My vote goes to Kyle and Michelle–what a love story–you got all us oldies but goodies!!

  13. Randy Stuart says:

    For my friends-Kyle and Michelle–you have my vote and my

  14. Dave Diaz says:

    I vote for Kyle and Michelle–two great Boomer Sooners!!

  15. Michelle and Kyle–a loving couple with much joy in store for them.

  16. My vote–Kyle and Michelle.

    You two bring joy to all who know you. I know you will have one terrific marriage.

  17. Mike Clay says:

    Michelle and Kyle–I proudly cast my vote for YOU

  18. Robert Roach says:

    Please vote for Kyle and Michelle! They sure have my vote. Kyle and Michelle have dated FOREVER! This long-lasting love between them is an indicator that their love for each other is also endless.

  19. Janet Notary says:

    The pics are great and capture a sweet sincerity to your relationship…but they’re just the “crown” atop the whole story! Best of luck in the contest…but more so in your wonder – filled future! : )


  1. […] You may remember Michell and Kyle as the winners of my wedding photography giveaway… and from there engagement pictures here […]

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