New contest entry~ Michelle and Kyle

About Us:
We are both from Castle Rock, Colorado where we met in 8th grade at a friend’s birthday party. Kyle was standing in a door way and I threw a bead from a necklace towards the trashcan, but missed and hit him instead (it was luck and fate, not bad aim – I think, ha ha). And we have been a couple ever since (10 years now). We made it through high school, both playing basketball for our high school and being very interested in our academic studies. Then we went to college together at the University of Oklahoma. Kyle majored in Aviation with a minor in Air Traffic Controlling. I majored in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Last summer we moved back to Castle Rock, Colorado together. Kyle proposed this past summer just before I began my first year of medical school. He is currently working for Southwest Airlines and I am enjoying medical school. In our free time we enjoy hiking, snowboarding, watching movies, attending concerts (especially Kings of Leon, the Fray, and Jack Johnson), and playing with our 1 yr old Siberian Husky puppy. Kyle loves flying and I love running half marathons.

The Proposal:
Kyle woke me up with breakfast in bed and gave me 3 roses. Each has a pink heart ties onto it with a number (for yr 1, yr 2, and yr 3). On the other side of the heart was a funny memory from that yr that we were together. Then he told me to eat up, put some gym clothes on and meet him in the Jeep. He had packed the Jeep for a hiking trip, including our puppy. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going but the 1st stop was Starbucks. Then he took us on a 4-wheeling trip to Devil’s Head; where we hikes for about 2 hrs with the puppy. (He later told me this was a ploy because he had always joked that he would propose on a hiking trip). We came back to the house and took showers. He gave me a deadline and told me to wear a black dress. While I was getting ready he left for an hr. Then we got in the car, where I got 3 more roses (yr 4, 5 and 6). He took me the Melting Pot, where we ate dinner on the patio. We got back in the car and he gave me the last 4 roses (with memories from yr 7, 8, 9, and 10). Then he drove to downtown Denver and I was really confused as to where he was going. We pulled up at the Brown Palace and the valet guy opened the car door for me. Kyle had already secretly packed out bags and pulled them from the trunk. We went inside, which was gorgeous, and headed up the stairs. I was about to pass out with excitement so I went to the restroom. Kyle went on up to the room and told me to meet him on the 4th floor. So I went to the 4th floor and he was there. He led me to our room and opened the door. The room was covered in roses and on the bed was a note and 1 last rose. The rose had a pink heart on it also, but with a ? mark. He told me to read the note, which said “These are some of my best memories with you. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to make many more.” And then he said that I could read the last rose, which said “Getting Engaged.” I turned around and he was proposing. And of coarse I said “yes!”

Our Families:
Kyle’s dad is a Geography teacher at Castle Rock Middle School and his mom a busy business women for Great West Life. He has a younger sister, who just moved to Oregon, and a younger brother who goes to CSU.
My dad is retired and living the last of his days at his cabin in Grand Lake. He was just diagnosed with being at the end of his battle with liver failure. My mom lives in Castle Rock and is an Administrative Assistant. My older brother is an artist in Boulder and my younger brother is working on a degree in Computer Science.
We are both old family values very high and hope that we can one day be as amazing of parents as ours are.

Kyle and I would like to live in Colorado, him flying and doing air traffic controlling and me practicing medicine (either Emergency or Family). We’d like to get a house with a big yard for our puppy, Adrian (named after our favorite college athlete Adrian Peterson). And one day we’d like to start a family. We are both really interested in also giving back to the community in whatever way possible; as I am always finding projects for us to volunteer with.

We would like to be entered in your contest because my dad was just recently diagnosed with liver failure and has only a couple of months to live. I have been taking care of him in Grand Lake, doing medical school, and trying to plan our dream wedding at the same time. We would be more than appreciative if we could be one of your 5 couples because we know that our wedding is a very important day to us; one that we have been planning since we met 10 years ago and knew that we were the one for each other. It would be an honor to have your photographs to preserve this special moment in our lives (and our families’).

Please let me know if there is any other information that we can provide.


Michelle Boyer (& Kyle Gelroth)



  1. Kyle and Michelle–
    See you have a new photo–you look shiny–happiness
    just glows on you.

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