2nd Wedding photography contest entry~ Amy and Andrew

How We Fell in Love…


Amy- “While I was home in bed with Mono (who gets Mono for the first time at age 34?), I got what is now my favorite email from Andrew.  We talked on the phone for about two weeks before meeting at Baker’s Street Pub in the Denver Tech Center for lunch.  I could not wait to meet him!  I had to see the face behind all those jokes.  Since we were both new to Colorado, I assumed we would be, at the very least, good friends.”

Andrew- “Favorite email huh?  Perhaps it would be good to point out it took you three weeks to respond?”

Amy- “A girl has to play a little hard to get, Andrew.  He wore a white. long-sleeved shirt with jeans.  I wore a black shirt and jeans.  I found him to be quite handsome at first sight.”

Andrew- “She is probably right….I just remember she was there.  I felt that was a pretty good start to things”

Amy- “After a great lunch date, I just knew he would ask me out again.  I had thrown out my best flirting tricks and batted my eyes at almost everything he said.  Little did I know that I was not as obvious as I thought.  Really girls, it takes a brick falling on their head!”

Andrew- “Obvious?  She told me she hated sweat, had mono and all she wanted to do was sleep.  I called the next day just to see if she was ‘sleeping’.  She answered, and I felt obligated to say something, so I asked her out.  The rest is history.”

Amy – “Andrew did call the next afternoon to invite me to a lovely seafood dinner at Oceanaire downtown.  What a night that was.  Candlelit dinner with great conversation across from a good-looking fellow.”  I was a smitten kitten from the start!

Andrew- “Yes, the gentleman sitting across from us was very good looking.  We did talk a lot.  If you know Amy, silence is really never an option.  When she gets excited she talks fast and non-stop.  I did my best to keep up.”

Amy- “The night ended with our first kiss….a bag of Hershey Kisses that Andrew brought for me since I still had Mono.”

Andrew- “This part is 100% accurate.  NO WAY I was getting mono:-)”


Almost a year later,  Andrew asked my father for my parents’ blessing to take my hand in marriage.  The intent was to wait for a few weeks after asking; however, he was very excited with the response from the family and could not wait.


The proposal itself was nothing great but the spectacle around it was.  I was complaining about work…about running around so much, driving everywhere, teaching, etc.  Genuinely, despite my “me” rant,  I also knew he had been stressed about losing a recent contract on his dream home, and he was now faced with having to move in 30 days with no alternatives is site.


Anyway, as I was telling him just how stressed he really was, he turned to me and calmly said, “Amy, I am not stressed about the house anymore.   I have decided that I don’t want to look for MY house anymore.  I want to look for OUR house, but only if you will be my wife.”  It was then that my Prince Charming went to bended knee with ring in hand and asked me to marry him.



My response was, “Are you SERIOUS?” and then, “YES” holding back complete shock and tears.


July 1, 2011 we will begin the rest of our lives together in the beautiful Beaver Creek Chapel followed by a dinner and happy-hour reception at the Beaver Creek Lodge.  We are priding ourselves on creating a wedding that has the perfect balance of tradition and modern elegance.



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